OPA! Size Your Meal, OPA! Size Your Mood ?

Have you heard the news? OPA! is excited to announce our new offer available to “OPA! Size” your meal and take it to the next level.

We get it – sometimes you eat a regular-sized meal and it’s satisfying but you yearn for something more. You secretly crave something to complement the meal you’re enjoying, whether it’s a savoury side or treating yourself ­to a decadent dessert. Adding a little extra something makes your meal more special and combos are also a great way to save when buying your meal.

So get this: We have an exclusive offer for a limited time that may be the incentive you need to try some new items from our menu and enjoy our selection to its full potential! You’ll also get these extras at a great discount!

We will be offering a savoury add-on featuring a skewer and a fountain beverage for $3.99, or for those who prefer something sweet, a seasonal dessert or baklava and fountain beverage for $2.99.

*these offers are available with any order*

Here at OPA! the options are endless: Are you the type to chomp on a tender souvlaki or end the meal on a sweet note by indulging yourself in one of our baklava treats?

We pride ourselves in the freshness of our cuisine and our passion for Greek food is pretty evident in our cooking style. Healthy, authentic, fresh ingredients is what we’re all about and we believe that making healthy decisions when eating out is key and is why customers prefer our fresh vegetables, lean meats and proteins to fast food. The OPA! experience combines fresh Mediterranean cuisine with the friendly customer service we’ve become known for. We’re a quick-service Greek restaurant, but that just refers to the time it takes to serve our lovingly-made dishes. From the first bite, you’ll want to slow down and enjoy the moment with friends and family. We don’t just want you to love your meal; we want to have made a positive difference in your day.

We know that you’re gonna love the add-ons we have to offer. But don’t worry, the process is two easy steps:

1. Choose the meal you’d like to order. The great part about this deal is that it can actually be added to any order so first choose your favorite OPA! meal. In case you’re unaware of some of our delectable meals we have to offer, click here to see our menu to give you an idea of what we’re all about:  http://opasouvlaki.ca/menu/

2. Then, OPA! size it up by choosing between a 21oz Fountain Drink with a Skewer (Lamb is an additional 50¢) OR 21oz Fountain Drink with a Dessert (baklava or seasonal dessert).

Our thin, flaky dessert pastry filled with crushed almonds, walnuts and honey. These delectable treats are a perfect way to finish your meal as a sweet contrast to the savoury food you just devoured.

Side Skewer
Our tender souvlaki grilled to perfection. Choose from our mouthwatering selection of chicken, shrimp, lamb, falafel or beef. For those that could do with a little extra protein to their meal, a side skewer is the perfect add-on! Add one of these to your lunch or dinner and you’re guaranteed to finish your meal feeling satisfied and well fed.

3. Enjoy! The last step is easy. Sit down, relax and enjoy the yummy meal you’re about to eat. You deserve it!