Falafel Snack Bites

Freshly ground chickpeas blended with Mediterranean spices, lightly fried until crispy, served with our famous OPA! tzatziki. Five snack bites per order, so share with the whole family. Or just let them all share space in your stomach.

OPA! Platter

Wrap Meal

Calamari & Salad

Souvlaki & Salad

Spanakopita Platter

Low Carb Caesar Salad

Low Carb Greek Salad

Kids meal

Pita wraps

Side Calamari

Side Skewer

Hummus & Pita

Tzatziki & Pita

Opa fries



Falafel Snack Bites

Caesar Salad

Greek Salad


Chocolate Baklava

Santorini Salad

Olympus Bowls